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Arnez is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who brings 40 years of experience from Psychiatric, Medical, School, and Community settings into the room with her clients.


She provides Comprehensive Clinical Assessment and creates a Plan for Intervention along with youth, parents or adults in need of services. Requested services may include, but are not limited to: information and referrals, navigating systems, coaching, and assisting with applications. 


General assistance include preparing to engage in meetings and completing paperwork required for meetings, applications and appointments. Additional support may be provided by attending meetings to offer support in the areas of clarification of issues, and to assist in negotiating program services and entitlements. Areas  include Special Education, General Education, and an array of Social Services Programs. Mental Health services are focused towards Social &  Emotion Regulation, School or Work Adjustment, Anti-Bullying, Poor Self-Esteem, Depression and  Anxiety.


Arnez Specializes in: Pre-Teens through Young Adults, Self-Esteem, Identity, Peer Relationships.

Arnez also provides Clinical supervision for mental health graduates who are seeking clinical credentials. 

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