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Grace Wellness and Recovery Therapy and Consulting Services focus is to bring healing to people who have been through difficult and traumatic experiences in life; past or current relationships; or any circumstance that requires a well-trained and caring ear.



Our clinicians serve clients in person at our Wayne location as well as online. In addition to offering  individual, family, couples, and group counseling services,

we also offer life coaching and consulting services.

We help you move out of pain and isolation to wholeness and healing. This is true recovery. Our center provides top quality Christian Counseling in Northern New Jersey with professional staff, resources, and support you need to find help, hope, healing, and growth in a caring, safe and professional place.

We're here to help!

Our Team

We come alongside, providing you with excellent, trustworthy, and competent care in an effort to guide you through life’s issues.




With a caring staff of highly trained professionals, we are well equipped to care for you. Our team of therapists possesses a wide variety of specialties and experience in addition to diverse educational backgrounds in marriage &  family therapy, counseling, and social work. We can help you adjust to  just about anything life throws at you. Allow us to match you with the right counselor today.

Our Team
Our Services

Our Services

Our wellness and recovery center is designed to offer you a personalized approach to therapy and we are well equipped to meet your unique needs. Life can be difficult and challenging. We are here to walk alongside you, reminding you that you are not alone. We can offer therapy from the comfort of your own home with Teletherapy.


Individual therapy is a powerful tool for addressing a wide range of mental and behavioral health issues. At our center, our experienced therapists provide individualized care that is tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues, we are here to help you overcome your challenges and achieve your goals.


At our Mental and Behavioral Health Center, we offer couples therapy to help you and your partner work through your differences and strengthen your relationship. Our program is designed to help you understand and resolve conflicts, increase fondness and admiration, and heal from past hurts. Let us guide you through the journey of rebuilding your covenant and creating a happier, healthier relationship.


Gracewellness is dedicated to helping families find solace, healing, and growth. Our family therapy sessions focus on strengthening family bonds and promoting growth and understanding. Our approach is grounded in Biblical teachings, and we strive to help families find their way back to God's embrace. We believe forgiveness is the first step toward healing, and we offer an array of resources designed to help families do just that. Whether you're seeking guidance through ongoing conflicts or want to foster love and growth within your family, we are here to help.


Child Therapy is designed to help children with their challenges. These challenges include mental illnesses, traumatic events, the loss of family members, difficult feelings and behaviors. Our child counselors are well-equipped to work with children and understand how their minds work.


Our Education Advocate services are designed to provide help to families experiencing difficulty with their child's school district. We provide resources, information, and education to families who need support in understanding the special education system. We will assist and advocate for your child, providing the necessary resources they need to succeed.

Education & Consultant Services

Our team offers Clinical Supervision for therapists seeking to become licensed, as well as for licensed therapists who want to enhance their skills. Our experienced therapists provide a supportive environment where you can gain the necessary skills to become a confident and effective therapist. Whether you're looking to become licensed or improve your practice, our team is here to provide exceptional support.

Clinical Supervision

 Areas of Healing & Support

Relationship Struggles

Forgiveness Work
Spiritual Issues
Chronic Illness/
Divorce Recovery/
Blended Families

Group sessions

A Supportive Hug


Groups can be a tremendous opportunity for encouragement, support, and growth. As a result, we regularly offer groups on problems that we observe in our humanity and see individuals struggling with in their daily lives.

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I am H.E.R.
Healing, Evolving & Recovering

We understand how challenging it can be for young women to develop stronger identities and make healthy relationship choices. At our Mental and Behavioral Health clinic, we offer a Young Women support group that provides a safe, supportive environment where individuals can come together and empower each other. Through our guidance, we help our clients develop healthy self-images and decision-making skills, so they can make wise choices throughout their lives.

Support Group

Grief Recovery Support Group

 When you suffered a significant loss it can be difficult to know where to turn. At our center, we offer a comprehensive Grief Recovery Support Group for individuals struggling with the loss of a loved one.


Our program is designed to provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals can share their experiences and find healing. With our help, you can learn to navigate the grieving process and begin your journey towards hope, healing, and renewed purpose.

Group Sessions
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Dwelling Place

At Dwelling Place, we understand the importance of taking care of your mental and behavioral health through a Christian perspective. Our Guided Prayer and Meditation service is designed to offer you a peaceful and tranquil space to reflect, meditate, and pray to our Heavenly Father. Our trained prayer facilitators will help you deepen your connection with God. By releasing stress and worry from your mind, you can grow in your relationship with Him while experiencing His peace and joy.

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